DXN Presentation in Dublin

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DXN Italy 5th Anniversary

DXN Italy 5th Anniversary

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DXN camp in Kızılcahamam

DXN Turkey Camp

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My book in Polish is ready

I am very happy to announce that my book is finally available in Polish as well. My Polish downlines informed me that they were really looking forward to this day. The market is already on a growing path and I hope my book will help to keep the market on this track, which is due to the dedication, hard work and effort of the key leader couple in Poland, who are not only functioning as leaders, but also providing the products to all members within Poland.

Further information about the book can be found on the following website: https://centrumdxn.pl/


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My book in Spanish has arrived

I am always excited when my book is published in another language, especially when it is the  language of one of my favourite countries. Spain has always been a great place for me to visit as a holiday spot, but for a few years now it is a great place for my business interest as well. I hope I can contribute to the development of the Spanish market with my book and of course when I have the chance to go their to give presentations. I will be having a presentation tour with my book in Spain in a couple of days, I will write a separate blog post about it.

Further information about the book can be found on the following website: https://ganostar.com/10-verdades-sobre-el-mlm

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The english language version of my book has arrived

At last my book is also available in english. Ever since my book was published in Hungarian I have been contacted from many places, when will the book be ready in english and finally it is. I believe this will be one of the most selling languages because besides the obvious fact that english speaking countries can read it, it could also be interesting for those who have read it on their native language, since it can also be a good practice of english too. I was very happy to find a professional, native translator, who happens to live very near to my home city.

I hope this way my book will help in many other countries within Europe and also overseas, because I get a lot of questions from a lot countries where the native or the second language is english.

You may find further details in english about the book on my website created for the book: http://10mlmfacts.com/

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My book in Italian is out now

As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I will inform my blog readers when a new language version will be ready. Now the Italian version is available, it is the first among the other upcoming versions. It is not a secret that one of my favourite countries is Italy. One reason is that I was closely involved in the opening and developing of the market, but for years now I am only involved through my network there, since a great management took over the market and managing it by themselves.

Please find my Italian website for the book on the following link: http://10cosemlm.it/

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My book has been published

I have been working a lot for quite a long time now to write a book, which could function as a contact book, a tool that would make the job of both networkers and prospects easier. For networkes it helps to build network, since it can be used to introduce MLM to newcomers without being pushy or sharing too much information. For prospects it helps to make a decision whether the real, prejudice-free network marketing is for them. That is why I wanted to choose an expressive title, I hope it is: „10 facts about MLM, what you need to know before you decide”.

For now it is only available in my mother language, Hungarian, but I have already found great translators, who can really translate it very well to pass the message of the original book.

For further details and ordering please check my website created for this purpose: http://10teny.hu/

As soon as other language version will be ready I will be posting about it.

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DXN Presentation in Milan

Once again I have been invited to one of my favourite countries in the world, Italy. It is always a pleasure to be here, since Italian people are well known for their great hospitatlity and also the network here is great and people are kind. So I was really looking forward to share my thoughts, vision and experience.

Ramada Plaza Milano was the venue this time, which is great spot for an event like this.

My two main topics were the WOW factor and my vision about DXN. These are topics you can not talk enough about, and based on the number of participants, these topics are interesting and informative indeed. More than 120 people were present, so additional chairs were required. The atmosphere was terrific during the whole weekend, especially when we had time to talk with the members between presentations.

I have started my daily Morinzhi programme back in December 2017.  By the time I got to this event I have already been consuming one bottle of Morinzhi for 3 weeks. So I wanted to involve the members of the italian network to join me at least once and drink a bottle of Morinzhi with me. I invited the members to the stage, who were willing to join me in, which I can call now, my daily habit. You can find below a short video about it.

I am looking forward to visiting this beautiful country again.

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Daily Morinzhi is starting

Today I became 50 years old and I decided to start the longest period of product presentation in my life. I’ve decided to drink one bottle of Morinzhi each and every day and I will be recording them. The videos will be uploaded to my new youtube channel. If you are interested you are more than welcome to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbBJPrHpO-YAo-HfUc8JqsQ

Previously I have drank off 1 bottle of Morinzhi every day for 100 days between 2nd December 2016. and 11th March 2017. A summary video of this 100 day period can also be found on my new channel.


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