DXNPLUS has started

We have started our own new online support system opened for every DXN member. You can register regardless of your sponsorline, the support system is free of charge.

For further details and registration please visit: https://en.dxnplus.com/

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Public DXN presentation in London


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DXN Italy’s 3. anniversary

15170770_1860873450799052_8898681366170105638_nWho are regular visitors of my blog already know how much I love Italy. It is a beautiful country indeed, not to mention that it is one of the best performing markets of DXN in Europe.  When it comes to celebrate the anniversary of DXN Italy I have to be there too. It was the third anniversary of the italian market. I still remember the first couple of times I visited Italy, like it was yesterday, to meet my first downlines. They were so enthusiastic and determined, which turned out to be one of the most important factors of their success. By today they are very successful leaders with other successful leaders in their downlines.

The anniversary took place in Villa Baiana, near 15170741_940746549402735_3376904127993867772_nBrescia, which was  a really wonderful and perfect place for such an event. The programme started with a short speech from the Country Manager, Mr. Giuseppe Girlando. I also had the opportunity to share my thougths with the attendees and I was happy to present my new presentation called ‘IAEA program’. We were honoured to have Mr. Jijith there also to share some of his thougths with the crowd.

15171312_1860283837536013_7876276792650965669_nLike at every anniversary we had the chance to cut the cake together and to enjoy the delicious taste of it. The gala dinner was fantastic and thanks to the live music presented by a really professional band the atmosphere was great and we had the opportunity to party and dance until late night.

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DXN Presentation tour in Spain

One of my favourite places in the world is Spain. So besides that it was an honour to be invited, it was also a great pleasure to visit this beautiful country. In addition to the prettiness of Spain, networkers here are determined and passionate about DXN. So it is really not a suprise that the business is booming and the network is developing fast.

This was my first time in Spain as a speaker of a presentation tour. I had to prepare two type of training programs. One type for Murcia and Barcelona, where I had the opportunity to give a day-long training for the attendees. This consisted of 6 modules and the training started in the morning and started until early evening. Together with the breaks, it was 9 hours long at both places, so both really was an informative and effective day, where I could share a lot of my experience and the way I am doing DXN business. The other type was a bit shorter and a little more compact and brief, but I tried my best to include all the essential knowledge about DXN, which is a must to know. This type of training took 3 and a half hours with breaks and the two cities,where I had the chance to present this were Madrid and Sevilla. Everywhere I had a warm and heartfelt welcome. People were very kind and enthusiastic and very much interested in my presentations.

I hope I managed to contribute to the further success of DXN in Spain and I think I will see a rapid further growth in the market based on how I see and got know local leaders.

I would like to express my special thanks to Papp Andrea, who accompanied me throughout my tour and she was also my great translator. Also I would like to thank for all the staff of DXN Spain, who organised the events, my trips and everything about my tour. They did a great job.

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Meet me in Spain!

I will be having presentations in Spain in Murcia, Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona. Join any or all of the presentations, if you can. Details can be found on the below posters.

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DXN Bulgaria 4. Anniversary

The next day after the anniversary in Greece I had the honour to join the 4th anniversary of DXN Bulgaria. It one of hte most pleasant ‘duties’ of a business builders to take part in such celebrations and to experience the outcome of the hard work invested to networking. It is a good thing to see a country growing and having anniversaries year after year with the pioneer leaders present and always new faces in the crowd.

The event started with a welcome speech from the country manager, Dimitrina Kamenova. The main speakers were Mr. Jijith and Dr. Rajesh Savera, but also I had the opportunity to give a short speech to participants. Besides me a short speech was also givne by my direct downline, the first greek DXN business builder Pavlos Chatzigiannis, who is the upline of
most of the network in Bulgaria.

Atmosphere was great throughout the whole day. A nice hotel in the heart of Sofia gave home to the anniversary. As usual the anniversary cake was ready to be cut after the presentations. The cake was delicious. Later the speakers and the all the guests had the opportunity to dance and enjoy the night.

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DXN Greece 5. Anniversary

I am always happy to return Greece. I gladly call back the memories of my first visit to Greece to meet people, who were interested in DXN business and who by now are successful leaders. And when it comes to an anniversary it is must for me to be present.

The event was in a fantastic 5 star hotel, which was quite close to and had great view on the aegean sea. I was honoured to be one of the three invited guest speakers together with Mr. Jijith and Dr. Rajesh Savera.

The program started with a welcome speech from the country manager, Mr. Bargiotis. He also made a short historical flashback on DXN Greece’s 5 years, including pictures and events from the whole five year period. It was really good to look at the long path behind us through these pictures. It was fasinating to listen to the motivation speeches of the two biggest leaders in Greece: Pavlos Chatzigiannis ETD and Giorgos Koutalas TD. They both have been committed to DXN since the very beginning.

It is a tradition at DXN to have a common cake cutting for every anniversary. So it was the fifth time for me to cut the anniversary cake with leaders and the invited guests in Greece. Later we all had the opportunity to enjoy a great three course meal and live music. Of course we was also had the chance to discuss business with the leaders and to exchange our latest experiences.

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DXN Seminar in Slovakia

14520375_1754464901484568_5063941734728039580_nSlovakia is one of the first markets where DXN was present in Europe, thanks to the interest of the talented leaders there. Their and their downlines enthusiasm and commitment hasn’t changed ever since. Slovak leaders, joining hands with the staff, are always busy organizing events celebrating or promoting DXN.

I was glad to be invited to their yearly organized leader meeting, where not only slovak leaders participate, this time 8 nations with more than 80 people represented themselves. The location was Dolný Kubín, which can be found in the northern part of 14670800_1754465058151219_2502169396428823108_nSlovakia.

I was happy to realize that my direct  downlines also contributed to the success of this weekend and I also hope that people could utilize the knowledge I tried to pass them with my presentation. Participants were in a very lucky situation to listen to great speakers as:  Anna Binek, Pavlos Chatzigiannis and Dr. Rajesh Savera among others.  The audience could learn both from business and health aspect.

It is always good to return to one of the pioneer countries of DXN in Europe. From such a successful weekend not only  the audience, but the presenters can benefit by sharing with each other their own experiences.

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DXN IV. European Leadership Camp

Camp1Europe understood the DXN business opportunity’s importance and we have numerous talented business builders here.

As you know, we get together in a beautiful location every year to spend 3 days together in order to learn, inspire each other and have some fun. This year we met in Italy, by the breathtaking Lake Garda. The motto of the camp was “Share your passion”, and it was good to share with the others why I’m so passionate about this business.

Camp2I held a presentation about the WOW factor in business. In my presentation I explained with examples how you can get people say WOW when you talk about the DXN business opportunity so that they will want to join you.

Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin shared with us many untold stories about how he started DXN. We listened to many interesting speeches and success stories from European and international leaders and we had also an olimpic champion, Ben Hunt Davis.

camp4There was also time for outdoor team building, personal consultations with the members of our network and fun. Saturday evening there was a theme party and we dressed with the traditional costumes of our countries.
Hungary did so well that we won the Country Pride Awards!

Also, get ready for Hungary, because the V. European Leadership Camp is going to be held here! Work hard on your business this year and join us next year to learn more and feel the passion of the DXN business.

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DXN Presentation in London

DXN london

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