My MLM strategy

In MLM business the leaders have to be some kind of advisors, who help their downlines in achieving their aims.

The 3 most important strategic rules in developing my MLM business:

1. I don’t want to decide, instead of the prospect, whether the prospect is interested in the business or not.

We prone to decide in advance, that the other person is interested in the opportunity or not. Do not ever do that! Show the business to anyone you get in contact with.It is important that the aim here is not to convince, but to inform the prospect. I am sure that I am in the best business and I simply share this information with her/him. And the prospect can decide is this her/his business or not. That’s it, it is that simple, no pushing, just easy, rock-solid, self-conifdent communication.

2. Getting in touch in with those who refused every 3 months.

A „No” is never for me, or the business, but for the prospect’s actual status, attitude. These circumstances and the person itself is changing all the time. That’s why it is worth to look up those who said no and the inactive colleagues as well.

3. I should feel good in the business and my colleagues also should feel good.

Everyone is building one’s business not one’s sponsor’s. I don’t call or push my downlines, that why don’t they work. I wait until they call me and ask for my help. They should be willing to become successful, not me. If I let them do things as they will, but I don’t let them overspend and assure them if needed I am there to support them, this way, according to my experience, a real optimal work relation is created.

In my experience, you can get out the most of the marketing plan if your look for the closest person in your downline, who would like to work independently and you support that person and you sponsor only until that level.

Another motto at the end:
The business building motivation can replace sleep needs.

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  1. Dr. Puven says:

    Great advice. Such valuable information! Thanks.

  2. Mohd Abul Hossain Dewan says:

    I appreciate such valuable information. Thanks.

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