Daily Morinzhi – Day 1000

Today is the 1000th day and I thought I would share some
thoughts with you.
First of all, I am very grateful to my family for their daily support.
Special thanks to my lovely wife who recorded most of the videos
and to my sons Kristof and Adam for their invaluable technical
Thank you to those who follow me on Facebook, Instagram and
Youtube. I want to say thank you to those who have been
drinking with me during the last 1000 days and many thanks to
those who sent me their Morinzhi videos for this anniversary.
1000 days ago I created the Daily Morinzhi Youtube channel to
document my personal health prevention strategy so that in 5 or
10 years everybody could see the difference. I didn’t expect any
interest at first so it was a surprise for me how many people I
managed to encourage indirectly to start health prevention and
drinking Morinzhi.
The last 1000 days have been an amazing journey. I drank a
bottle of Morinzhi in 32 different countries on three continents
together with hundreds of DXN members. Today is just a small
station on my journey because I am not planning to stop drinking
Morinzhi every day. My goal is that I want to share my message
of the importance of prevention with as many people as I can all
over the world.
I hope we can drink a bottle of Morinzhi together somewhere in
the world as soon as possible.
Because today is a special day I am drinking a big bottle of

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