My book has been published

I have been working a lot for quite a long time now to write a book, which could function as a contact book, a tool that would make the job of both networkers and prospects easier. For networkes it helps to build network, since it can be used to introduce MLM to newcomers without being pushy or sharing too much information. For prospects it helps to make a decision whether the real, prejudice-free network marketing is for them. That is why I wanted to choose an expressive title, I hope it is: „10 facts about MLM, what you need to know before you decide”.

For now it is only available in my mother language, Hungarian, but I have already found great translators, who can really translate it very well to pass the message of the original book.

For further details and ordering please check my website created for this purpose:

As soon as other language version will be ready I will be posting about it.

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