3 day DXN camp in Sorgun (Antalya)

I was in a very lucky situation, that I could visit Turkey twice in a month. I was honored to be invited to a 3 day camp in Antalya, Turkey. The venue was fantastic and people were great and pretty excited about the event. The programme was very well organised and it was my privilege to be present. The organiser was one of my direct downlines in Turkey, Mr. Ercan Kaya. He is also one of the most successful DXN business builders in Turkey.

Besides Mr. Ercan Kaya and the great leaders of his team I was also given the opportunity to share my experience and thoughts on DXN business building. I covered the same topics like last week in Turkey, but every presentation is a little different and thanks to the enthusiasm of the audience I really felt great while sharing my opinion and experience about DXN.


I really hope I could have contributed to the efficiency of this event and that I could have given a motivational boost to Mr. Ercan Kaya’s team.

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