Visit to DXN HQ

Once again I had the chance to visit Malaysia, one of my favourite places, and as my wife usually calls it my second home. It is always good to visit the headquarters of DXN, since you expereince positive impacts all the time. Everytime I go there I see and hear about new developments and meet great people.
I was happy to meet my sponsor, Jane and his son William, in person again after a long time. Although we communicate regularly nothing can replace a personal meeting. A long time has passed since our last personal meeting. As always we had a great time and also we visited the farm together.

I never miss to spend some time at the farm and the cultivation. Usually I stay there for long hours just enjoy how fascinating it is. It is fantastic to see the Ganoderma plantation, the Spirulina cultivation and of course the Noni trees. The view of the professional cultivation and processing generates motivation automatically, although I am well aware of the stable background of DXN. New developments and evolution has always been a part of DXN. Knowing this it is clear why DXN is the largest ganoderma producing company in the world.

It was my privilege that the owner and CEO of DXN, Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin, had the time to meet me few times during my visit. Our discussions are always progressive and time flies everytime we have a chance to sit down and share our thoughts and visions with each other. One of the main topics is always the present and the future of DXN, especially DXN in Europe. One of the main reasons for me to join DXN, besides the stable background, the fantastic products and the marketing plan, was the vision of Dr. Lim, his directness and his commitment towards DXN and all of its leaders and members.


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