DXN presentations in Catania, Brescia and Rome in Italy

It is always a pleasure to go to Italy, since I was greatly involved in the market opening, Italy will always have a special place in my heart.

This time I was invited to be a speaker of the so-called Inspiration Days, which are events organised by the Italian office in order to give a boost to the business of the distributors and to help the new members.

I visited three cities Catania on 2nd April, Brescia on 8th April and finally Rome on 9th April. I was asked to give two presentation on each venues. The first one was a motivational speech the second was about how to achieve passive income in DXN. I did my best and provided a step by step guide in order to be able to reach this fervently desired passive income.

Of course I was not the only speaker, so I had the chance to listen to great leaders and doctors before and after my presentations.

As always I had great time in Italy and shared joyful moments with the local leaders and members. The events were very properly organised, thanks to the Italian office. I hope, that beside the other speakers, I was also able to contribute to the development and growth of the Italian market with my presentations and presence.

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