DXN Italy’s 3. anniversary

15170770_1860873450799052_8898681366170105638_nWho are regular visitors of my blog already know how much I love Italy. It is a beautiful country indeed, not to mention that it is one of the best performing markets of DXN in Europe.  When it comes to celebrate the anniversary of DXN Italy I have to be there too. It was the third anniversary of the italian market. I still remember the first couple of times I visited Italy, like it was yesterday, to meet my first downlines. They were so enthusiastic and determined, which turned out to be one of the most important factors of their success. By today they are very successful leaders with other successful leaders in their downlines.

The anniversary took place in Villa Baiana, near 15170741_940746549402735_3376904127993867772_nBrescia, which was  a really wonderful and perfect place for such an event. The programme started with a short speech from the Country Manager, Mr. Giuseppe Girlando. I also had the opportunity to share my thougths with the attendees and I was happy to present my new presentation called ‘IAEA program’. We were honoured to have Mr. Jijith there also to share some of his thougths with the crowd.

15171312_1860283837536013_7876276792650965669_nLike at every anniversary we had the chance to cut the cake together and to enjoy the delicious taste of it. The gala dinner was fantastic and thanks to the live music presented by a really professional band the atmosphere was great and we had the opportunity to party and dance until late night.

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