DXN Seminar in Slovakia

14520375_1754464901484568_5063941734728039580_nSlovakia is one of the first markets where DXN was present in Europe, thanks to the interest of the talented leaders there. Their and their downlines enthusiasm and commitment hasn’t changed ever since. Slovak leaders, joining hands with the staff, are always busy organizing events celebrating or promoting DXN.

I was glad to be invited to their yearly organized leader meeting, where not only slovak leaders participate, this time 8 nations with more than 80 people represented themselves. The location was Dolný Kubín, which can be found in the northern part of 14670800_1754465058151219_2502169396428823108_nSlovakia.

I was happy to realize that my direct  downlines also contributed to the success of this weekend and I also hope that people could utilize the knowledge I tried to pass them with my presentation. Participants were in a very lucky situation to listen to great speakers as:  Anna Binek, Pavlos Chatzigiannis and Dr. Rajesh Savera among others.  The audience could learn both from business and health aspect.

It is always good to return to one of the pioneer countries of DXN in Europe. From such a successful weekend not only  the audience, but the presenters can benefit by sharing with each other their own experiences.

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