DXN IV. European Leadership Camp

Camp1Europe understood the DXN business opportunity’s importance and we have numerous talented business builders here.

As you know, we get together in a beautiful location every year to spend 3 days together in order to learn, inspire each other and have some fun. This year we met in Italy, by the breathtaking Lake Garda. The motto of the camp was “Share your passion”, and it was good to share with the others why I’m so passionate about this business.

Camp2I held a presentation about the WOW factor in business. In my presentation I explained with examples how you can get people say WOW when you talk about the DXN business opportunity so that they will want to join you.

Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin shared with us many untold stories about how he started DXN. We listened to many interesting speeches and success stories from European and international leaders and we had also an olimpic champion, Ben Hunt Davis.

camp4There was also time for outdoor team building, personal consultations with the members of our network and fun. Saturday evening there was a theme party and we dressed with the traditional costumes of our countries.
Hungary did so well that we won the Country Pride Awards!

Also, get ready for Hungary, because the V. European Leadership Camp is going to be held here! Work hard on your business this year and join us next year to learn more and feel the passion of the DXN business.

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