DXN MLM weekend in Turkey

The Turkish people like good coffee and business, so it was obvious that they were going to like the DXN MLM business opportunity with the Ganoderma coffee!

In Turkey, there has been a huge interest for this new business solution since the very beginning. As you could see from my posts, I travelled to Turkey several times in past months and so did other leaders and trainers of DXN in order to share their knowledge with these enthusiastic leaders and distributors.

So, when Turkish leader Ercan Kaya invited me to participate at the weekend seminar he was going to hold for his team I immediately accepted.

I held 3 presentations about the DXN MLM opportunity in Ankara, with a special focus on online business building. This is the best thing about this network marketing business: you can work from anywhere with the whole wide world! The Turkish DXN members like this idea, they are thinking both locally and globally.

It’s also nice to see how business can bring together people from so many different cultures.
Follow my blog and my social media pages to see the latest news about the DXN MLM business in Turkey! We’ll have a fantastic event very soon!

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