DXN Bangladesh 15th Anniversary

f1As you already know from my blog, DXN is an MLM business without borders. This is an international business opportunity that also offers you the possibility to travel to different countries, get to know different cultures, meet interesting people all over the world and share other DXNers joy of reaching success.

On April 16th I had the pleasure to participate at DXN Bangladesh’s 15th anniversary celebration! I was very happy and honored for the invitation and I was looking forward to this day with excitement.

f215 years are a lot. 15 years of success are the proof that this company has past, present and future. During my stay in Bangladesh I met the management members, the successful DXN MLM leaders, the satisfied customers and determined new DXN members.

The Recognition Nite was very special. For me, as a business builder it is always an emotion to see how happy the recently qualified networkers are when they receive the well deserved recognition for their hard work. Motivation was not missing during the celebration, I had the feeling that they are just going to do better and better from the next day on! It was nice to meet the DXNers from Bangladesh and I’m sure we’ll see eachother on the top!

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