DXN MLM Slovakia: a weekend of business

Laci_Slovacchia2Slovakia is one of the first countries in which the DXN opportunity woke up the interest of talented leaders looking for a new business solution in the MLM world.

The Slovak leaders are always busy organizing meetings, network marketing trainings, product presentations, family days and even weekends dedicated to the DXN MLM business.

Between March 5 and 6 we had the occasion to get together with many Central-European leaders. Finally we had a lot of time to discuss important topics regarding business building as well as issues regarding health.

The leaders’ presentations were full of useful information, we all learned a lot. Obviously, we had time to relax as well, but the best thing about weekends like this is that you can really go deeply into important business topics without worrying about time.

After this very fruitful weekend I’m sure I’ll see very soon more qualified members from Slovakia, they are going to be very successful!

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