DXN Hungary’s 7th Anniversary

dxnszulinao1March 19, 2016 was a particularly important date for me: we celebrated the 7th anniversary of DXN Hungary. It’s incredible how time flies in this DXN MLM business! It feels like we started just yesterday but here we are celebrating such an important anniversary!

They say that 7 years are crucial in a sentimental relationship, but so they are in a business relationship. In these years we built up strong partnerships and helped thousands of people reach their dreams thanks to DXN.

On this day hundreds of Hungarian DXNers got together in the Lurdy Cinema where we had one of the theaters just for us.

dxnszulinap2The program was very exciting, including a motivational training by Adam Szalay in which he illustrated us how champions reach their goals, a health presentation about a healthy and correct lifestyle by Dr. Sandor Deak and a training by Danny Blue who showed us how to get to the better version of ourselves.

The event was perfectly hosted by Szabolcs Czerna EGD business builder in DXN. Surprises are also important when it comes to celebrations so we had surprise guests: Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin, DXN’s Founder and CEO greeted the Hungarian DXNers thanks to a web connection.

dxnszulinap3So did Mrs. Jane Yau, Andrea Papp TD from Spain, Pavlos Hatzigiannis ETD from Greece, Anna Binek ESD from Poland and Paola and Carlo Rovelli ESSD from Italy. As you can see, DXN’s One World One Market philosophy works perfectly: no matter where we are, we are always together, supporting each other and celebrating together.
The European Marketing Coordinator, Mr. Sean Higgins also participated in our celebration and at the end of this fantastic day we cut a huge cake together that we shared with all the guests.

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