DXN Austria: coffee and business

Laci_Vienna_IWD The DXN business opportunity is rocking also in Austria, more and more ambitious MLM leaders are joining us in this journey towards success.

The management is doing an exceptional work to support the DXN business builders’ network and this year we also welcomed new staff members in our team.

On March 8, 2016 I travelled to Wien to meet the new collegues as well as Mr. Sean Higgins and the Austrian leaders. It was also the International Women’s Day, so we celebrated our ladies with cakes and flowers.

Wien is famous for its coffees and cakes, so it was a must, but we did it in our healthy way with the DXN products! The meeting was very positive, the leaders and their guests came gladly to meet Mr. Higgins and the new DXN Austria office staff.

It is always useful to get together and exchange ideas about business and products. The network marketing is growing strong in Austria and DXN is certainly the best option!

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