A very successful DXN business seminar in Sofia

Laci_SofiaDXN has conquered the Bulgarian MLM market very quickly and we have many successful and determined leaders there.

We got together on February 27, 2016 in Sofia and I held a presentation about the emphatic business building and did my best to give the members useful and easy to put in practice tips in order to reach greater success in their DXN business.

laci_sofia2It is very important that as a business builder you have to know that you can’t force people to change their way of thinking or lifestyle but you can make them feel the need of change.

Mr. Sean Higgins also joined us and held a speech. The Bulgarian leaders were happy to meet him and hear about his experiences and projects with DXN.

After the event the leaders and their guests told us that this event resulted very motivational for them, they are always ready to learn new methods and they are interested in doing a better teamwork.

We also spent some fun time together, as after the presentations we had dinner and dance until late night.

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