DXN Italy’s 2. anniversary

Laci_italy1As you already know from my blog, I love Italy and for me it is always a special feeling to travel there. I remember with pleasure when I started building my DXN MLM business here, I will never forget the first meetings with the networkers who were looking for the right business opportunity in Italy.

Today, they are successful leaders and they are building their business at an international level. So, when it comes to celebrate DXN Italy’s anniversary it is obvious that I must be there! This second anniversary was held by the Lake Garda and there were around 200 attendees. The celebration started with country manager Mr. Girlando’s speech and then the Italian leaders talked about how they found this outstanding MLM opportunity, how DXN changed their lives and how they are building their business now.

Laci_Italy4It was very motivating to listen to them, it is always a good feeling to see how an MLM business can bring together people. After the Italian leaders Dr. Savera shared a motivational story and Mr. Jijith announced great news for 2016.

During the gala dinner I had the opportunity to take the stage and I remembered the Italian DXN members how we started and how incredibly well the Italian market is growing thanks to their excellent job. Before me, Mr. Higgins introduced himself to the attendees and talked about his projects. After the speeches we enjoyed a delicious millefoglie cake and we all danced until late. Don’t forget that the IV. European DXN Leadership Camp will be held in June 2016 in Italy, by Lake Garda! See you there with your downlines!

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