Visiting the DXN Factory

farm1During my stay in Malaysia I also had the chance to visit the DXN factory again. It is not my first time here, I have already visited it even with my family, but it is always a special experience. This is the place that gives a solid base also to our DXN MLM business because it is the biggest Ganoderma cultivation in the world.

Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jim made me company during my visit and this made my stay even more special. The factory uses advanced cultivation technologies studied by its own researchers and it is completely organic, in order to assure top quality products. The factory has obtained numerous organic certificates.

farm2As you know, DXN cultivates, processes and then distributes its own products using the MLM system.

The company has everything under control. It is always a particular sensation to see the Ganoderma mushroom with my own eyes and to touch it with my own hands, I recommend it to every DXN member.

Visiting the farm is important because you can see how you get the quality products from DXN and you can learn about the processing of your favorite ones.

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