DXN health presentation: Jane Yau and William Gan

huAThe DXN MLM business is a very special business: we are not here only for the money but also for the healthy lifestyle. By taking the DXN products and following some simple rules it is easy to become and stay healthy. DXN’s Ganotheraphy consultant Jane Yau and her son William visited Budapest on August 8, 2015 and held a very useful and successful presentation. Jane talked about how to use the DXN products for prevention and shared many international product testimonies with us. The testimonies regarding diabetes, high blood pressure, reflux disease and thyroid disorders were not only useful, but also able to give hope to many people. Jane also faced the very sensible and difficult topic of how to act when someone on our family is suffering from a tumour.

huBLater, Jane’s 31-year-old son, William took the stage and talked about why the younger generations need the DXN products. During his presentation he explained that today most of the young adults are too stressed and too tired because they don’t care about their health, they prefer to think that it is a topic for the elderly. However, also the young people should care about a healthy lifestyle, take the DXN products, eat well and practice sports. It was great to see the room full of interested DXN members. It is clear to see that in the DXN business we are all ready to follow a healthy and wealthy lifestyle!

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