III. European DXN Leadership Camp – Day 3

3day1After the long night of the DXN gala dinner, it was not easy to wake up on the third day. However, we all managed to do it, because it started with Mrs. Jane Yau, Senior Crown Diamond and Ganotherapy Consultant. She answered the questions of the members and gave pieces of advice about the usage of the products. After her, Greek Executive Triple Diamond leader Pavlos Chatzigiannis shared with us what he learned from this family called DXN. Later, numerous European leaders shared their MLM business tips and experiences on the stage.

3day3It is always interesting to listen to the stories of the others, you realize how different we are, how different our situations are, but we can all reach success in the DXN MLM business. The last one to talk and the one who closed the event was me. I can just repeat what I said there, it was a very useful camp and I would like to thank the organizers of the event, and the DXN members who travelled to Barcelona to make it such a successful camp.

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