III. European DXN Leadership Camp – Day 2

2day2We were all very curious at the beginning of the second day of the DXN Leadership Camp because it started with Dr. Lim’s presentation. He had two hours to talk about DXN’s future, about business and developments. He exposed his thoughts about this MLM business in Europe, talked about his projects and then he showed us the brand new developments of DXN. We also had the pleasure to taste new and exciting products.

2day3bAfter the coffee break, where we all could enjoy opur favorite DXN coffee, Dr. Asma Munir, Star Diamond and very appreciated doctor gave us a lecture about health and prevention with DXN products. In the afternoon we all had a good time on the fantastic beach of Castelldefels.

The leaders formed different groups and participated in a beach volley competition, lead by Dr. Rajesh Savera. The day ended with a gala dinner, during which we talked about business, but just for a while, as later we all started dancing and enjoying the music.

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