DXN MLM Leadership meeting in Milan

meeting_milanoOn July 13, 2015 I traveled to Milan, Italy to meet the local DXN leaders. It is always a pleasure for me because they are very committed to this excellent MLM business and they are working hard to build a very strong DXN network in Italy. Despite the extremely hot day all the leaders from North Italy came and the leaders from Rome joined us via Skype. We shared ideas regarding the DXN MLM business, promotions and events.

It was a very useful meeting because we had the chance to get to know each other better from the business building point of view. We learned how the other leaders prefer to work, what are their priorities when building this MLM business and how they plan to reach success in DXN. I was glad to see that they all have strong values and a lot of creativity in networking. We ended the meeting with a lot of new ideas that will be followed up by discussions via mail and future meetings.

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