DXN Hungary’s 6th anniversary

Laci_BP1On March 6, 2015, we celebrated DXN Hungary’s sixth anniversary, which is also the anniversary of the European market’s opening. It was a perfect occasion for the DXN MLM business builders to get together.

This time we organized programmes for a whole weekend, so after the presentations the DXN members could also relax or organize meetings with their uplines and downlines to talk about this MLM business.

Laci_BP2Among the numerous great speakers, also Anikó talked on stage. She talked about the relationship between family and business that helped us reach the Crown Ambassador level.

On the second day i held an exclusive meeting for the DXN MLM leaders and I was also the one to close the event. In my closing presentations I talked about how to use the internet in order to be found by prospects looking for a successful MLM business and how to find your future diamonds on the internet. We really enjoyed these two days, it is always a pleasure for us to celebrate with the Hungarian DXN business builders!

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