MLM success in Italy: DXN Italy’s 1. Anniversary

_MG_8907Opening DXN’s Italian market was a very quick process because immediately after starting the work in Italy we reached a huge number of members and sales.

Numerous business builders with remarkable MLM experience joined us right away, because they immediately understood that DXN is the best MLM opportunity for them.

So a year after the opening we celebrated the first anniversary of DXN Italy in Verona on November 9, 2014.

_MG_9575I was very excited about this event because I would announce great news for the members and we also had special guests like Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin and Mr. Jijith NK.

They opened the event with their speeches and after them many successful European and Italian leaders talked about why they joined DXN and how they reached success.

As for me, I announced the start of a project I had been working on since a while: the Dynamic Start Program.

I noticed how happy the Italian leaders were with these news.

_MG_9259 They were also willing to have a solution for those who wanted to make money quickly.

Other than that possibility, the DSP kits offer numerous advantages that make it different from other starter kits.

We also enjoyed a nice lunch together, rewarded our successful business builders and had relaxing coffee breaks enjoying the delicious and healthy DXN coffee varieties!

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