DXN Start Seminar in Budapest

I held a day-long seminar in Budapest on Saturday. I summarised my 4 year experience in the DXN business. Which are the focus points, which are the most important for new business builders.

The topics were the following:

The most important first steps, in order to have stable base.

Explanation of DXN marketing plan and how to plan your DXN business.

How to hold a presentation for one person and a little group.

How and for what can DXN intranet be used.

The master strokes of online business building.

How to sponsor your new members, how to be a creditable leader.

The whole seminar has been recorded and will be available with english subtitle soon.

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3 Responses to DXN Start Seminar in Budapest

  1. Hey Laszlo!

    We are expecting the video with the englidh subs… we want to make the greek version of it!

  2. Wawoooooooo I want to say you that — you are fathers of business builder. Well, it’s just wonderful to see you all on here again!! A lot of thanks for your Updates.

  3. Best of luck to we all and every success in your/our plan too!

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