Three new DXN film, which support the online business building

I have placed three new videos to the Online network building menu. Based on my guidelines, with a professional film maker team, we shot the films in nine different countries. The music of the movies were specially composed for this purpose. The movies can be personalised, own photos and contact data can be placed to the end of the of the videos.

Hereby I would like to thank Dr. Lim, the founder and CEO of DXN, for supporting this project and for financing it.

I wish success for using the videos to every DXN member.

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3 Responses to Three new DXN film, which support the online business building

  1. ayub khan says:

    It’s really great for business thanks to you also

  2. A lot of thanks for your kind updates, very nice looking in all pictures with different different Seminars! Well I feel so happy always when I see you here! Keep in touch!
    With Best Regards
    DXN Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

  3. Thank you a lot Mr Kocso for you great support to DXN business worldwide.

    Your great team at Europe, the great leaders at Asia, are our great inspiration for us
    at latinoamerica and our team DXNLA

    Very glad to see you at TSI 2011 and I hope to see you again at TSI 2013.

    Best regards and succesful !

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