Thessalloniki – at my greek friends again

I really love Greece. I have the feeling more and more that I am coming back to old friends, although it was only half a year when we first met through internet.

The greek market is opened and is growing fantastically. I have brought great news to the team, because they have a great opportunity to travel to Malaysia in March, thanks to Dr. Lim’s, the president of the company,   generosity. The qualification requirements can be fulfilled by anyone, who is working hard and really focusing on the goal.

Pavlos the leader of the greek network invited me for lunch on Sunday. Nancy prepared a great meal, thanks Nancy.

The atmosphere was wonderful at seminar Sunday afternoon. It was not a surprise that the interpreter wanted join after the first part. At the end we recognised the successful members.

We had a meeting in the new greek office, and afternoon a leader meeting took place. We left Greece in the evening. Unfortunately it was only two days this time, but soon I’ll be back!




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