DXN ITSI 2011 Singapore

I have been waiting for this trip since I have joined DXN business. Not because of the trip, but to meet other successful  leaders and business builders of DXN.

We spent fantastic days together sailing out from Singapore!

This trip really confirmed me, that I am at the best place, that I am building the best business, with solid background, which may be the most important in a MLM business.

670 DXN leaders were there from all around the world. I am looking forward to meeting them again in 2 years time in Malaysia at the 20th anniversary of DXN.

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One Response to DXN ITSI 2011 Singapore

  1. Laszlo,

    I know it was a torture with all the luxurious hotels, the pools, the exotic food, the skyscrapers, and exotic places…..

    As your friend I would like to tell you that i support you fully, and I understand that it was really hard times for you on this trip. Next time I will be with you for support.


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