Visiting the DXN farm

After the unforgettable experience we flew to the DXN center in Alor Setar,
in Malaysia.

It was the fourth time I had the opportunity to visit the DXN farm and
factories. I could greet Mr. Loh Pau Loon Factory Manager as a good old
friend of mine.

My sponzor, Jane travelled from KL to DXN farm too, who I can thank a lot to
grow my MLM business.

We were filming the spot for two days during which we made time for a short
meeting and a business dinner with Dr. Lim siow Jin, the founder and the
president of the DXN.

We couldn’t miss the photos taken of us together:

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One Response to Visiting the DXN farm

  1. francis tan @ som ded says:

    Photos were good and the time shared with Laszlo was great there was an aura of a great DXN leader in the making and wonder years to come for the friendly and simple guy. Thank you for the autograph too.
    yours in dxn francis tan malaysia

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