MLM Business Leader Training with an Outsider Trainer. Part two.

In the past two days the second ocassion of the MLM leader training took place.

We had a real good time again. It really a pleasure to spend time with my successful hungarian leaders, because there is always a common topic DXN MLM business.

We held a short conference at night in the pool and recalled our pleasant experiences.

The topic of the training was self-organising. We all have the potential to develop, i am sure that it will be felt in the result of the next month.

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3 Responses to MLM Business Leader Training with an Outsider Trainer. Part two.

  1. Charito says:

    I am so happy for this great news of Dxn Hungary. Hoping for Dxn Italy soon. May i know for your future Training. Thank you. More Power!

  2. Efren Biclarjr says:

    We are happy that we have now a dxnslovakia hopefully in next year dxn is in Italy…we are her a group of Filipino people building dxn in Italy …and we all glad we are the part of dxn success…see you dxn in Italy…..

  3. michelle valdoz says:

    i thankfull that DXN was here in the one of the member of this company.
    i hope someday DXN will help me.and someday, im one of the dxn member to become successfull.
    GOD is there always…more power DXN..

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