III. European DXN Leadership Camp Summary Video

If you really want to catch the feeling of this exceptional DXN event then you must watch this short summary video! This event was all about the DXN MLM business, sharing knowledge and having fun together. I suggest everyone who wants to be successful in the DXN business to participate next year in Italy, because the Leadership Camps are the perfect occasion to meet other DXN members and successful international leaders who will inspire you for sure.
Now let the video inspire you and see you next year!

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DXN Training in Frankfurt

Laci frankfurt1

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DXN Presentation in Ankara


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DXN MLM in Turkey: my presentation in Istanbul

Istamb1On August 16, 2015 I held a very successful DXN meeting in Istanbul. Many interested prospects came to hear about this new business opportunity in Turkey. We are actively working on the opening of the Turkish market and I’m sure that this MLM business will lead a lot of people to the desired success also in this country. The opportunity is extremely interesting because Turkey is a big country with exceptional possibilities to develop the DXN MLM business.

The Turkish people love coffee and they have huge interest in business as well. I presented the company, shared my success story, talked about the marketing plan and gave useful tips to start this very successful MLM business. The guests had the opportunity to try the delicious DXN ganoderma coffee varieties as well.

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DXN Presentation in Antalya


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DXN Presentation in Izmir


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The 7th Hungarian DXN Family Day

Family1DXN is not only about business, family is a fundamental value in this company. This is why events like Family Days are so important. On August 9, 2015, numerous DXN MLM business builders gathered together with their families in the lovely location of the Geréby Kúria in Lajosmizse. We also had the pleasure to host Mrs. Jane Yau and her son, William this time.

Family2Usually when we all get together we talk about our DXN businesses and share networking ideas. This time we were more relaxed and used the time spent together to share the news regarding the success we are reaching in our private lives and to have updates regarding each others’ families. The youngest generation of the future DXN business builders played together and enjoyed the swimming pool.

Family3We also participated in various challenging games and cooked together some Hungarian dishes.

Obviously, being 100% dedicated to the DXN MLM network, we couldn’t help ourselves and also during this day we talked a little bit about business and Ganoderma, but I think it’s natural for us, because DXN is an essential part of our everyday life and it’s thanks to DXN that we met and brought also our families together.

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DXN Presentation in Istanbul


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DXN health presentation: Jane Yau and William Gan

huAThe DXN MLM business is a very special business: we are not here only for the money but also for the healthy lifestyle. By taking the DXN products and following some simple rules it is easy to become and stay healthy. DXN’s Ganotheraphy consultant Jane Yau and her son William visited Budapest on August 8, 2015 and held a very useful and successful presentation. Jane talked about how to use the DXN products for prevention and shared many international product testimonies with us. The testimonies regarding diabetes, high blood pressure, reflux disease and thyroid disorders were not only useful, but also able to give hope to many people. Jane also faced the very sensible and difficult topic of how to act when someone on our family is suffering from a tumour.

huBLater, Jane’s 31-year-old son, William took the stage and talked about why the younger generations need the DXN products. During his presentation he explained that today most of the young adults are too stressed and too tired because they don’t care about their health, they prefer to think that it is a topic for the elderly. However, also the young people should care about a healthy lifestyle, take the DXN products, eat well and practice sports. It was great to see the room full of interested DXN members. It is clear to see that in the DXN business we are all ready to follow a healthy and wealthy lifestyle!

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III. European DXN Leadership Camp – Day 3

3day1After the long night of the DXN gala dinner, it was not easy to wake up on the third day. However, we all managed to do it, because it started with Mrs. Jane Yau, Senior Crown Diamond and Ganotherapy Consultant. She answered the questions of the members and gave pieces of advice about the usage of the products. After her, Greek Executive Triple Diamond leader Pavlos Chatzigiannis shared with us what he learned from this family called DXN. Later, numerous European leaders shared their MLM business tips and experiences on the stage.

3day3It is always interesting to listen to the stories of the others, you realize how different we are, how different our situations are, but we can all reach success in the DXN MLM business. The last one to talk and the one who closed the event was me. I can just repeat what I said there, it was a very useful camp and I would like to thank the organizers of the event, and the DXN members who travelled to Barcelona to make it such a successful camp.

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