Why DXN?

As DXN MLM business builders, the question we hear more often is Why DXN?
This second video of Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin, in which he explains Why DXN is the best opportunity, is going to be a very important tool for your DXN business.
Watch it and share it with your downlines!

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Why DXN Ganoderma and Spirulina?

As you could read in one of my previous posts, in September I travelled to Malaysia to shoot some interesting videos with DXN’s CEO, Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin.
In this first one, he explains why DXN’s Ganoderma and Spirulina are so effective and shares interesting facts and stories with us.
Watch this video, use it for your DXN MLM business and share it with your downlines!

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The 1. DXN Business Builders’ Day

Laci_dec5December 5, 2015 was a very important day for me. It was the first time we organized a day dedicated to the DXN MLM business builders in Hungary.

The event started at 11 o’clock, but before that I held a smaller exlusive meeting for the qualified members. They had to be at least Diamonds and have generated 5000 PV in November or bring at least 10 persons from their downlines to the event.

On this very important day the two speakers to hold a presentation in front of hunders attendees interested in reaching the success in the DXN MLM business were Szilard Matrai SSD and me.

Laci_dec5_2Szilard talked about why DXN is actually the best choice and why is it good for us, networkers. My presentation was about the emphatic business building, which is a crucial argument in order to make this business work.

We also had the pleasure to host Mr. Sean Higgins, the new Marketing Coordinator for the Europe region who was happy to see so many ambitious DXN business builders.

The most emotional moments were giving the pins and the flowers to the recently qualified members. They have all been working hard and it was a great feeling to see them enjoying the success and the recognition on stage! The event was so successful that we immediately scheduled the ones for 2016. I hope to see many of you there!

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DXN Italy’s 2. anniversary

Laci_italy1As you already know from my blog, I love Italy and for me it is always a special feeling to travel there. I remember with pleasure when I started building my DXN MLM business here, I will never forget the first meetings with the networkers who were looking for the right business opportunity in Italy.

Today, they are successful leaders and they are building their business at an international level. So, when it comes to celebrate DXN Italy’s anniversary it is obvious that I must be there! This second anniversary was held by the Lake Garda and there were around 200 attendees. The celebration started with country manager Mr. Girlando’s speech and then the Italian leaders talked about how they found this outstanding MLM opportunity, how DXN changed their lives and how they are building their business now.

Laci_Italy4It was very motivating to listen to them, it is always a good feeling to see how an MLM business can bring together people. After the Italian leaders Dr. Savera shared a motivational story and Mr. Jijith announced great news for 2016.

During the gala dinner I had the opportunity to take the stage and I remembered the Italian DXN members how we started and how incredibly well the Italian market is growing thanks to their excellent job. Before me, Mr. Higgins introduced himself to the attendees and talked about his projects. After the speeches we enjoyed a delicious millefoglie cake and we all danced until late. Don’t forget that the IV. European DXN Leadership Camp will be held in June 2016 in Italy, by Lake Garda! See you there with your downlines!

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DXN MLM Leadership Camp in Al Ain

laci3 Between November 12 and 14, 2015, I participated to the DXN Middle East Leadership Camp in Al Ain.

It is always a pleasure for me to go there, meet leaders from all over the world, listen to their presentations and spend some quality free time together talking about business and future projects.

It is interesting how DXN members from different cultures build their MLM business. I held two presentations during the camp. The first one was about 10 practical tips for business building.

Laci4Among other useful tips, I talked about why is it important to build the business as we like to do it, why our success doesn’t depend on our sponsor and why is it so important to have a plan and stick to it.

In my second presentation I talked about the empathic business building.

I find it essential during the MLM networking because we have to understand that every person is different, we all have different experiences in life and this leads us to think in a different way.

So we have to understand how our prospects think, handle their excuses and find what motivates them.

Laci2I also had the occasion to listen to very interesting and useful presentations held by other leaders and doctors, just like Mr. Osler Sto Tomas, Dr. Rathna Vasupal, Prof. Vasupal, Dr. Asma Munir, Dr. Rajesh Savera or Mr. Fatemi Ghani.

I can truly say that I went back home after this camp relaxed and with many new ideas regarding my DXN MLM business in my mind.

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Visiting the DXN Factory

farm1During my stay in Malaysia I also had the chance to visit the DXN factory again. It is not my first time here, I have already visited it even with my family, but it is always a special experience. This is the place that gives a solid base also to our DXN MLM business because it is the biggest Ganoderma cultivation in the world.

Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jim made me company during my visit and this made my stay even more special. The factory uses advanced cultivation technologies studied by its own researchers and it is completely organic, in order to assure top quality products. The factory has obtained numerous organic certificates.

farm2As you know, DXN cultivates, processes and then distributes its own products using the MLM system.

The company has everything under control. It is always a particular sensation to see the Ganoderma mushroom with my own eyes and to touch it with my own hands, I recommend it to every DXN member.

Visiting the farm is important because you can see how you get the quality products from DXN and you can learn about the processing of your favorite ones.

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DXN video shooting in Malaysia

drlimAt the end of September 2015 I traveled to Malaysia with my team. The occasion was the new office opening, but we also dedicated time to work on a professional video about DXN’s 22 years of history.

It is very important to tell the story to the DXN MLM business builders, to the members thinking about building this fantastic business because it makes them understand why DXN is so special, why it is different from other MLM companies and why the DXN products are unique.

foto2Also, getting to know better our CEO and founder, Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin is a pleasure for us all and gives confidence to the new members.

You have to know who you join, who you are going to represent, so it is fundamental to have a good knowledge of the company and its story.

DXN is one of the very few companies that can be proud of having such a long story of success.

drlim2During the video shooting we talked to Dr. Lim, visited his office and talked to the employees, visited the company, the laboratories and the farm.

I would like to thank Mr. Kenn for his precious cooperation.

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III. European DXN Leadership Camp Summary Video

If you really want to catch the feeling of this exceptional DXN event then you must watch this short summary video! This event was all about the DXN MLM business, sharing knowledge and having fun together. I suggest everyone who wants to be successful in the DXN business to participate next year in Italy, because the Leadership Camps are the perfect occasion to meet other DXN members and successful international leaders who will inspire you for sure.
Now let the video inspire you and see you next year!

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DXN Training in Frankfurt

Laci frankfurt1

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DXN Presentation in Ankara


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