Public DXN presentation in Frankfurt

Laci frankfurt2

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DXN Training in Frankfurt

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DXN Presentation in Ankara


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DXN Presentation in Antalya


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DXN Presentation in Izmir


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DXN Presentation in Istanbul


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III. European DXN Leadership Camp – Day 3

3day1After the long night of the DXN gala dinner, it was not easy to wake up on the third day. However, we all managed to do it, because it started with Mrs. Jane Yau, Senior Crown Diamond and Ganotherapy Consultant. She answered the questions of the members and gave pieces of advice about the usage of the products. After her, Greek Executive Triple Diamond leader Pavlos Chatzigiannis shared with us what he learned from this family called DXN. Later, numerous European leaders shared their MLM business tips and experiences on the stage.

3day3It is always interesting to listen to the stories of the others, you realize how different we are, how different our situations are, but we can all reach success in the DXN MLM business. The last one to talk and the one who closed the event was me. I can just repeat what I said there, it was a very useful camp and I would like to thank the organizers of the event, and the DXN members who travelled to Barcelona to make it such a successful camp.

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III. European DXN Leadership Camp – Day 2

2day2We were all very curious at the beginning of the second day of the DXN Leadership Camp because it started with Dr. Lim’s presentation. He had two hours to talk about DXN’s future, about business and developments. He exposed his thoughts about this MLM business in Europe, talked about his projects and then he showed us the brand new developments of DXN. We also had the pleasure to taste new and exciting products.

2day3bAfter the coffee break, where we all could enjoy opur favorite DXN coffee, Dr. Asma Munir, Star Diamond and very appreciated doctor gave us a lecture about health and prevention with DXN products. In the afternoon we all had a good time on the fantastic beach of Castelldefels.

The leaders formed different groups and participated in a beach volley competition, lead by Dr. Rajesh Savera. The day ended with a gala dinner, during which we talked about business, but just for a while, as later we all started dancing and enjoying the music.

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III. European DXN Leadership Camp – Day 1

1The III. European Leadership Camp where DXN leaders and ambitious business builders from Europe and also from other parts of the world get together to share their views on MLM business building, wealth and health took place in the amazing location of the Hotel Rey Don Jaime, in Castelldefels, just 20 minutes away from Barcelona.

On the first day, July 24th, we had time to relax by the pool before lunch. After lunch we started these very intense 3 days with Dr. Rajesh Savera anchoring the event. The first presentation was Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin’s speech, who is DXN’s founder and CEO as you know.

1day2 After him Mrs. Andrea Papp, Executive Double Diamond leader from Spain took the stage and shared her business success tips with us, and then so did a Hungarian Gold Diamond leader couple Mrs. Tünde and Mr. Szabolcs Czérna. We ended the first day with Mr. Harun Rashid’s presentation. It was exciting to listen also to an international DXN Gold Diamond business builder.

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DXN MLM business also in Germany

ger1I have recently spent a few days in Frankfurt. Germany is a very big country and there are great possibilities to build the DXN MLM business. This was an important message I wanted to send to all the MLM networkers that came to listen to my training also form other German cities. ger2

Naturally, I also spoke about why DXN is the best business opportunity, how to start the MLM work, how to be creative in business, how to be a real leader that people want to follow and I tried to clarify the main misunderstandings about this MLM business.

The interest was high and it is always a pleasure to help new and old business builders that want to reach success and financial independence with DXN.

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