DXN MLM business also in Germany

ger1I have recently spent a few days in Frankfurt. Germany is a very big country and there are great possibilities to build the DXN MLM business. This was an important message I wanted to send to all the MLM networkers that came to listen to my training also form other German cities. ger2

Naturally, I also spoke about why DXN is the best business opportunity, how to start the MLM work, how to be creative in business, how to be a real leader that people want to follow and I tried to clarify the main misunderstandings about this MLM business.

The interest was high and it is always a pleasure to help new and old business builders that want to reach success and financial independence with DXN.

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DXN MLM training in Warsaw

26-05 Laszlo Kocso in WarsawI just came back from Poland, where I held the Restart Day seminar in Warsaw. There is a very intense work going on there with the local DXN business builders and also many new MLM networkers joined us lately.

The market is expanding very well here, the Polish people love the DXN products and they are also interested in the DXN business opportunity. For me, it was a pleasure to give a contribution to their MLM business building with my seminar.

The room was full of ladies and gentlemen willing to restart their business, clarify the misunderstandings regarding MLM, learn new methods, to turn on the thinking in DXN mood. I’m sure that the Polish business builders are on the right way to reach success in DXN!

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All-day DXN MLM Seminar in Rome

rome1Numerous MLM business builders arrived from different parts of Italy to my all-day DXN seminar in Rome and not only because Rome is a beautiful city. For some of them in fact it was the first time they participated to a DXN event.

They have already gained MLM experience in other companies, but they were not satisfied so they accepted the DXN leaders invitation to my seminar. So in the stunning location of Villa Carpegna, just a few minutes away from the Vatican, I had the pleasure to hold the Restart Day Seminar during which I gave tips for building the DXN MLM business with more creativity and focus. The day ended with celebrating the recently qualified business builders.

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Two intense days in Greece dedicated to DXN business

greciaFirst of all, visiting Greece is always a special feeling and not only for building my MLM business. It doesn’t happen every day that you can enjoy a rich breakfast admiring a breathtaking view of the Acropolis of Athens!

Also, Greece is a very interesting country from the DXN business’ point of view, our MLM network here is expanding very well. I spent two intense days, one in Athens and one in Thessaloniki as a part of my Restart Day Tour.

I met successful DXN leaders, ambitious MLM networkers and new interested people. The involvement was huge, between my speech and their questions we hardly noticed that time was over. The Greek DXN members’ feedback was very positive, I’m sure that they will do a great work!

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In 2015 DXN placed 25th in the top 100 list of direct selling companies

DXN placed 25th in the top 100 list of direct selling companies In 2015. At the award ceremony DXN was represented by Prajith Pavithran, the Regional manager of America. A summary video has been prepared of this event. It can be viewed and downloaded below.


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Bulgaria: a special place for our DXN MLM business

bulg1Here I am in Bulgaria for another seminar to help the local DXN business builders to relaunch their business and increase their MLM performances.

Saturday in Sofia was dedicated to the training, and I was glad to see lots of interested networkers. I met many motivated DXN business builders as well as ladies and gentlemen who were new to the MLM world but they were ready to join us in DXN.

bulg2However, Bulgaria is a special country for us also for another reason. This is where the first European DXN factory will be built, so can you imagine a better place to meet the founder of DXN, our CEO, Dr. Lim?

I had the pleasure of meeting him here and of visiting with him the land where the factory will stand.

Of course, we enjoyed this occasion also for talking about DXN’s successful future in Europe.

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Huge success in Budapest for the first DXN Restart Day

restart day BudapestIt is always a pleasure to see the room full of DXN leaders, members and new MLM networkers. For me it is an important task to help and advice hundreds of business builders to improve their MLM performance and reach success.

Yesterday in Budapest 500 participants attended this very intense all-day seminar and I received very positive feedback from them. The most beautiful compliment is when they say that in each DXN seminar that I hold there is always something new to learn about the MLM business building, this really incites me to go ahead and help people to become successful.

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DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 video

A new video is ready about one of the best selling products of DXN. The below video has been personalised with our contact data at the end of the video. The unpersonalised version can be downloaded from the link under the video.


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Spring 2015 European all-day DXN Seminar Tour


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My public DXN presentations in the UAE


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